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Ready to Activate the Life of Your Dreams, But Aren't Sure Where to Begin?
the love, light, freedom community is an empowering, uplifting, power-packed group to dramatically shortcut 
the path to creating 
the life you TRULY desire!
What You'll Gain from the Community:
Rule Your Inner World
Many times, we are unable to create the life of our dreams because we are unable to control our inner world. Our inner chaos is evident in our manifestations. This community reveals secret, ancient wisdoms to realize your true, empowered self and jump-start your deliberate creative powers! You'll see you are a diamond in the rough, waiting to shine!
Build Your Dream Life
Learn why your dreams seem to elude you, and why "hard work" is a myth to keep you feeling powerless and fearful. Our community will inspire and empower you to discover YOUR keys to effortless manifestation, and finally learn to enjoy the journey along the way. This will add meaning on your way to joyful expansion!
Stop Self-Sabotage
You  didn't come to prove worthiness, yet so many struggle to even feeling WORTHY enough to get what they want. This leads to countless cycles of self-sabotage. Learn how to embrace a profound self-love, activate your TRUE identity, and finally put an end to self-doubt and self-sabotage, FOREVER!
Do you ever sit and scroll through social media feeds of your favorite celebrities or entrepreneurs and see them enjoying a lifestyle you can only dream about? Do you ever find yourself wondering, "Don't I deserve good things too? When will it ever be my turn?" 

Then you, my friend, have come to the right place. 

The Love, Light, and Freedom-Seeker Community
Dear Love, Light, and Freedom-Seeker,

If you're anything like most people, you've probably been wondering where you went wrong. You were a pretty good kid for the most part. You went to school -- heck, you may even have a degree or two. Or, perhaps you knew at an early age that this society wasn't quite right. You never quite fit in, no matter how hard you tried. And after all the time you've spent searching for the ONE thing that could turn your life around, you are still struggling financially. You might still be searching for love. For meaning. For truth. You may even be thinking, "Is this all there is to life?" 

You want answers. 

You want to break free from the thick fog of fear, doubt, and constant worry and anxiety that holds you back from being who you TRULY are. The limitless, abundant, powerful being you know you can be.

If you've ever wanted to live happily ever after, but have been finding it nearly impossible, then you have come to the right place! 

We have been where you are, and would like to welcome you with open arms to join our community of other love, light, and truth-seekers. You don't have to be alone, left out there to navigate the rough waters of life. Let those who have been where you are provide you with a map to guide you along your journey for a far more enjoyable, enlightening, fun ride! 

This community is PERFECT for you if: 

You KNOW there is more to life, but aren't sure what that is or where to find it
You want to find your soulmate, or have improved love relationships
You are ready to find your true purpose 
You are ready to allow more love, well-being, success, and happiness into your life
You are sick of being sick and tired, and ready to joyfully EXPAND!
If you said yes to any of the above, then the love, light, freedom-seekers are ABSOLUTELY ready for you!
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The spiritual activation process is not tricky. 

It’s not mad science, voodoo, or even magic.

In fact, we have THREE simple golden rules when it comes to aligning with ANY desired manifestation:

  • Set a positive, affirming intention.
  • Trust that your desires are on their way, right to you. 
  • Act as if it's already a done deal. 

We can hear you now...

"I know all of this SEEMS simple, but it doesn't mean I can figure out how to do it!"

Trust us, we know how difficult it can be to get in your own way.

But, dear friend, your days of going it alone are hereby OVER.

Here's what you can expect when you join the Love, Light, and Freedom-Seekers Community TODAY:

  • A Community of Like-Minded Friends​- Our community is chock-full of uplifters; people who are ready to take personal responsibility for their own creations, and readily cheer for themselves and others to live an abundant, joyful, meaningful life!
  • Inspiration​- There are far too many "motivators" who tell you to jump into "massive action", but rarely teach you how to tune in, and access the power and leverage of true INSPIRATION. This membership will help you discern the difference between true inspiration and simple motivation, and help you learn to activate your inspiration, on AUTOPILOT. The result will be an EFFORTLESS synchronicity of cooperative components, to bring about the change you desire.  
  • Law of attraction content - Lots of people teach the law of attraction, but very few understand the basis. Our dear friend, Nebulous, a 4th Dimensional being, gives us the practical understanding this wonderful law, and how we can truly leverage it to have, be, or do anything we want. 
  • Learn Exclusive Tools and Techniques - In addition to learning fresh, new spiritual wisdom and perspectives, you will also gain practical tips, how-to's, and tools to instantly put your new understanding to practice right away! 
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching and Q&A Sessions​- Twice a month, join Nebulous in coaching sessions, where you can ask ANYTHING you want: whether it be questions about love, money, career, relationship, or personal spiritual guidance to assist you along your journey.
Hi, I'm Ramzee-
I channel a non-physical group known as Nebulous. Nebulous has identified themselves as a collective - a unique piece of source energy. Nebulous is pure positivity and their purpose is to bring clarity, help with finding one's true purpose, an to assist those to tune in and activate their true self.

The biggest message that Nebulous wishes for all to understand, is that you came here with the express purpose to feel and manifest the fullness of anything you want to feel, have, or create.

Nebulous is an expression of source energy; a very unique aspect of source, to assist those to in turn, express themselves in their unique way.

Last thing for those of you who have made it this far...

We know first hand the difficulty of actually creating the life you want.

It takes time, focus, and well…frankly, it’s not the most fun thing UNLESS you happen to be addicted to default creation - to unnecessary trial and error.

 We know how hard you try. We SEE you. And you don't have to go at it alone.

For your willingness to co-create with us, we're going to throw in a FREE bonus for ALL new members:

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